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Panasonic Double A Double Good

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I use a wireless mouse for my laptop because I haven't the time to sit and wait while my fingers do the moving - of the cursor that is.

I've used a computer for many years now and I've always had a handy dandy mouse at my finger tips so with my laptop, even though most in my family think I'm odd, I must have a 'real' mouse to tag along with me where ever I go.

I ran out of battery power early today and as I sometimes do, I went on the hunt for replacement batteries that would last just a bit longer. Usually I have a good supply on hand as we have many wireless mice in the house as well as remote controls for the TV's, DVD's etc. Well, I couldn't find one single battery. Not even one that was barely alive.

My son was heading out for a bit so I asked him to bring me back some batteries. "What kind" he asked, "Panasonic of course" I responded.

I've found that out of all the batteries my mouse has gone through the Panasonic Heavy Duty batteries have lasted far longer than any other. One of my sons has a mouse that chews through batteries like candy but with the Panasonic installed, he is able to use the mouse for weeks before he has to replace them.

Usually Panasonic Heavy Duty batteries will last me a good 2-3 months and I use my mouse daily, sometimes for hours. Some of the members of the family also use my laptop so my mouse can sometimes have a real workout in a day.

These particular batteries have a shelf life to the year 2012 but I will of course run through the 4 of them well before that date.

These batteries are great for remote controls, clocks, radios and battery operated shavers but they are also great for wireless mice!