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Panasonic Laptop, Awesome Buy

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soliskm By soliskm on
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Being in college, I have much need for a laptop that doesn't weigh as much. I learned this when I borrowed my dad's brick of a laptop for a few days, and after having to lug my backpack around, I decided it was less painful to walk half a mile to the library than have a 5 pounder in my backpack all day. So I looked around for a dependable LIGHT laptop for me to use. I stumbled across this Panasonic T4 (Yes - I didn't know Panasonic made computers either!) on a site called Dynamism. They have a lot of expensive tech-y stuff that I just daydream about, but I looked this particular one up on ebay anyway. I found it for much less than advertised on their site (although I agree, it's still a bit steep.) Once I received it, I was confused because I couldn't find the actual computer in the packaging, haha - that's how small it was!!! It's thinner and lighter than my organic chemistry book. It's, in my opinion, a nice looking laptop - the touchpad resembles that of an ipod control since it's circular. If you slide you finger around the edge of the circle, it actually scrolls the page up or down, I found that to be pretty cool. One of my favorite things about this laptop though, it's touchscreen!!! I enjoy touching the screen and moving the windows around, it's got a great accurate sensitivity.

Okay, so the cons: the actual screen of the laptop is a bit small, but I prefer it to a widescreen like the Sony Vaio's. Also, the keyboard gets a little getting used to, it's a bit cramped (I have no problem with it now.) Lastly, it might get a little hot after extended use. What's extended use? Well, that brings me to the Pros: battery lasts NINE HOURS - perfect so I won't have to be limited to sitting close to outlets. Also, the screen, although small, is extremely durable. I can hold on to the top edges of the screen and pull/push in opposite directions and the screen won't warp at all (try THAT with a Vaio, ha!) Also, I read somewhere on the Panasonic website, that these are "semi-toughbooks" they are made to endure drops and water and other mishaps that may happen to laptops - which is awesome for a clumsy person like moi.

I could go on and on about this laptop, I love it, despite it's flaws. If you have enough money and you're looking for a good quality laptop, go for it!