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Panda Do Kung Fu

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"Kung Fu Panda" film released in June 20, 2008, personally think that making such a film is because foreigners now started to learn Chinese martial arts, but the understanding of Chinese martial arts or not too deep, huh, huh, after all, we have a Chinese kung fu several thousand years of history.

This comedy film is 3D animation category, issued by DreamWorks Animation, action guidance is Rodolphe Guenoden, DreamWorks Animation, senior division, 20 years of amateur martial arts expert, practiced karate, taekwondo, the Israeli military fighting technique, but on the not practiced Chinese martial arts, his knowledge of Chinese martial arts stems largely from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow movies. His "Kung Fu Panda" action of a basic design principle is that the magic is not the way to the west of "the myth of" Chinese martial arts, nor to the gorgeous slow motion perfunctory roles are a type of a move must be realistic to realistic, sense of weight and, more importantly, their fighting skills must be returned to the original instincts of animals.

The story is: a beautiful and somewhat similar to Mountain Pinggu, because the same group of martial arts masters have lived. The difference is, however, peaceful valley of the martial arts masters are animals. Panda Aibo is probably not rare in martial arts Valley residents. A Bao fertilizer and retardation in the noodle shop run by his father to work, my father would like to inheritance A Bao Noodle House, however, is bent on Aibo learn martial arts, becoming the first martial arts master of the valley. But it always pays for doing nothing for the Aibo, it is only a distant dream. Because they have not read the story behind the friends to enjoy, the children bring with you to see. Oh, I hope you will like it.