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Pandemic 2

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zorn27 By zorn27 on
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Pandemic 2 is an awesome game. You basicly make your own virus to wipe out the world. Your virus has many attributes you evol it into making it more efficient such as making it airborne or more resistant towards drugs. To win the game you have to wipe out the worlds human population before the humans get smart enough to close its countries borders or create a vaccine. The gameplay plays through how many people are infected, what regions are infected and what level of resistance the local government is playing to combat your disease. The world reacts to your virus in a way on how lethal or noticeable it is. If you start out with your virus infecting rapidly throughout the world, more countries are going to shut down its borders and the humans will create a vaccine as soon as possible. Also planes and ships around the world can also carry your virus to infect more countries. A total win is to kill off all the humans in the world in every country before they can do anything about it. A very fun game, worth checking it out.