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Pandigital Personal E Reader Very Well Priced

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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The Pandigital eReader is a fairly basic eReader. It comes with a 2 gigabyte storage so it is very unlikely to run out of room for books. It comes with font options so it is possible to change the size of the words for easy reading. This eReader comes with a few other features not related to reading books including note taking, photo viewer, and alarm clock. I find the alarm clock is a very useful feature, which I will explain later on.

The book reading experience is great. The Pandigital is very light so I don’t get tired holding this eReader. It accepts quite a few formats including TXT, PDF, ePUB, and more. I think that all the major eReader formats are accepted. I don’t guarantee this because I did not use all the file formats. I usually just stick with PDF and the common ebook formats. I like having the option to change the size of the words and I use it too. I like to make the text a bit bigger so I don’t have to hold the eReader so close to my eyes. This way, it doesn’t damage my eyes as much. However, bigger font does mean frequent page flipping. With a bigger font, fewer words fill up the page. The other great feature I like about this eReader is the multiple bookmarking. I can place several bookmarks in one book. I find that the problem with many eReaders is that they only allow one bookmark. If another bookmark is placed somewhere else, then the previous bookmark gets removed. The Pandigital gives me the option to remove bookmarks manually and the option to add several bookmarks in one book.

The alarm clock feature is very useful when reading. I often get absorbed in a good story and I lose track of time. The alarm clock feature can be turned on while reading so it will alert me when I have to stop reading. The photo viewer feature isn’t very useful. Since this eReader only has 2 gigabytes of storage, putting photos on this eReader takes up a lot of space. This means I have less room for books. I did add one photo in this eReader to see the photo quality. I actually don’t like the photo quality. The eReader is better off displaying books than photos. Don’t bother getting this eReader if all you want to do on it is put photos. It will result in a waste of money.

The last two features I’m going to talk about are the battery and the dictionary. I find that the dictionary is decent. I have searched a few words, but was unsuccessful. However, the dictionary does give a very accurate definition of common words. The battery life is decent, but I consider it short compared to other eReaders. This eReader can last a week easily if WI-FI isn’t turned on. If it is turned on, the battery drains quickly. I suggest that the WI-Fi should only be turned on when finding books. I find that leaving the WI-FI constantly on will drain the battery rapidly.