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Pan Oxyl 10 Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cleansing Bar

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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Simple and Effective:

I tried other ways besides PanOxyl Soap to treat my acne but I could not keep it up because the process of doing what all i did took too long to make the acne stay away or the other products were just not effective enough. The acne would basicly come back at the time because it was just that bad and out of control with it being on my face, chest, and back. I thought about ordering Proactive even though it cost more but it would have been worth it for how bad my acne was at the time. I did use an acne cream that worked but it was to be used after getting out of the shower and I had to be dryed off before applying to get the best effect. Useing the cream took alot of time up out of my day and I had other things to do. I decided to look for other options so I gave Panoxyl Soap a try and it did great job and made things much easier for me. Useing Panoxyl Soap was simple as it didn't take up alot of time out of my day. All i did was use it in the place of regular soap.

I Can Feel It:

You know when Panoxyl is working. When it works you can really feel it as a bubbling sensation goes to work where the acne and oily skin is. I just rub it in a lather with some really warm water and make sure the lather is diluted enough so it can penatrate through my pores and the bubbling sensation will start to begin which feels like a relief as the oily and dirty feeling on my skin will start to go away. I've found out PanOxyl works best for me when taking a shower instead of a bath. My skin can get very oily and by useing Panoxyl Soap i can get out of the shower feeling very clean and refreshed.

I'm More Than Satisfied:

Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Soap is very affordable considering how well it helps treat my acne. I go to Walmart Supercenter where its the cheapest in my area if I want to drive instead of getting it online. The most affordable way to get it is to be a member of Bing.com which is free and go to that site and then click on a link to Americarx.com to order. I can later get 20% cash back for my order which will be deposited in my PayPal account after a couple of months. Theres also a 5% Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide Soap but I only use their 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Soap. Panoxyl makes other acne products besides its soap such as creams or foams but I've never tried those as i'm very satisfied with their acne fighting soap.