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Pan's Labyrinth: Movie Of The Year

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By moonshadow68 on
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This is my favorite movie of 2007. I wanted to disapprove of it as a foreign film with subtitles, but having to read the movie only detracted minutely from the experience and I suspect that one could follow the general diea of the mvoie even without the subtitles.

The premise is that a young girl, Ofelia, moves with her mother and new step-father, a Fascist officer in Fransisco franco's Spain, to a farm in the country where rebel activity is very high. Her mother is pregnant with a little brother and her father was killed in the war. ofelia is a bookish child given to flights of fantasy and on the way to the farm encounters a bug which turns out to be a fairy.

The fairy leads her into the labyrinth where she encounters a satyr who claims that Ofelia is the princess of the world below ground, reincarnated, but that she has to prove herself worthy before she can rejoin her father and take her rightful place as princess. of course, no one else sees the mystical creatures and we are left wondering if Ofelia might not just be stark-raving mad.

Her struggles with her cruel step-father who only wants to make sure that his son is born okay and her part in the rebellion agaisnt Franco jsut add to the movie's depth. With or without subtitles, this is the best movie of the year.