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Pantene Pro V Classic 2 In 1 I've Been Converted

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Well, I confess to being influenced by a small shampoo sample I got in a motel room. I’m switching to Pantene Pro-V shampoo because it gave such great results on my hair.

Getting some free shampoo in a motel is always great, but I rarely have paid any attention to what kind it was. I’ve never really cared what kind of shampoo I’ve used. My hair is curly (although getting straighter with age), and thick (although getting thinner with age), and I have always just bought something inexpensive. The few times that I’ve tried conditioner I haven’t been very impressed because it often tended to make my hair straighter.

But we used this sample of Pantene Pro-V 2 in 1 (shampoo and conditioner) in three different locations. This means that it was used with three different water supplies. I’ve found over the years that the water has made more difference to my hair than the shampoo. In each location the Pantene left my hair very soft, full and curly! The other thing I liked has to do with what I call my “personal anomaly.” I have one narrow braid that is over a foot long. But because my hair is curly the braid frizzes and tangles enough that every time I take it out to wash and redo it a lot of hair breaks. This makes the braid get skinnier and skinnier. But the conditioner prevented a lot of the breakage.

But the big question in my mind was, “Will this work at home?” We have very hard water, and this really affects how shampoo works. So I tried it at home. I was pretty impressed. My hair didn’t dry quite as full and curly as it did with soft water at the motels, but it was very soft. The conditioner does keep my braid from tangling as much.

So, I actually bought a regular size bottle of the Pantene Pro-V Classic 2 in 1 shampoo.

The bottle is one of those kind that is made to sit with the cap down. Then you flip the lid and the product is right there ready to come out. But it can also sit with the cap up. This is great because when the bottle is full you can sit it upright, and when the bottle gets emptier I can turn it over.

The odor is a light scent, more flowery than fruity. But it’s not too strong, which is great. Heavy scents tend to make me sneeze.

I’m not sure that I’ll be willing to continue to pay four times as much for shampoo as I usually do, but after I use up this one bottle I can decide what I’ll do next.