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Papaya Facial Cleanser

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Eskinol has been a staple in most Filipinos' beauty regimen. It is used by both men and women. Although Eskinol also has a line of skin cleansers suited for men's skin type, it does not really matter that much if men use this product.

I grew up seeing my mom use this cleanser. Although back then, the Eskinol classic (or the clear liquid) and the Lemon facial cleansers were the only available line. However, the influx of various facial cleansers in the market spur the creation of variety in the Eskinol line of facial cleansers.

I have been using this Eskinol Naturals Papaya Facial Cleanser for sometime now. It does not have that stinging effect unlike the other brands I used. It is relatively cheap compared to the famous brands out there. The scent is very faint which is good because I don't like putting something on my face that reeks like a hospital's disinfectant or something so strong that it burns my nostrils. The liguid cleanser is colored light orange to simulate that of a papaya's natural hue. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The size is 225 ml. I have seen other sizes in the supermarket but I think the 225 ml is the medium size.

Ingredients are: water, denatured alcohol, sorbitol, propylene glycol, carica papaya fruit extract, lactic acid, citric acid, benzophenone-3, amongst others.

As for the effect, it has great cleansing power given that it is mild enough not to dry one's skin. I even use this on my neck, nape and back and cleans just great. It removes dirt and excess oil and makes my skin supple.

A bonus feature of this cleansing liquid is that it is enriched with the natural skin lightening properties of real papaya. So, my face stays even-complexioned and I need not put whitening cream anymore. Why use the branded and expensive ones when I can use this?