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Papermate Pens Suck!

Reviewing: Papermate Pen Stick 2020 M  |  Rating:
strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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Papermate Stick 2020 Ball Pens Medium Point package of 12. 'High quality, economical ball pen, smooth writing, ideal pen for home, school and office use'

'Guarantee Sanford guarantees complete customer satisfaction and replacement. If your Paper Mate product fails to perform properly, simply return to.....'

Not high quality, and not even close to economical. I bought 4 packages of these pens during the Back to School sale last fall, and have had the same result with each pack. Comes in a package of 12, but you are lucky if 5 actually produce even a teeny tiny bit of ink! Out of 48 pens, only 10 had ink, and half of the 10 barely gave out much ink, what it did give was so very light i had to press hard, eventually nothing but scratches were produced on my paper as the ink refused to come out. So no these are not economical when you have to throw out more than half of the pens, oh, and also the pens that produced alot of ink, only lasted a few writings before they were empty.

Smooth writing? Not when you have to press so hard the paper has permanent scratch marks, and the ball point part was rough on some of the pens.

Wouldn't say that they are ideal for school or office, could you imagine being in the middle of an exam and none of your pens work, and you are not allowed to speak or leave unless you are done the exam, or on the phone to an important client or in a major meeting and the ink runs out or the pen just doesnt work to begin with?

Thats a pretty big guarantee and i bet there is a catch to it, alot of these companies have hidden policies for what the guarantee covers, and what is the cost to send the pens back, is it even worth it? I dont think so, from now on i just wont waste my money on Paper Mate products again. Even their colored pencils are awful! The lead falls right out of the pencil!