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Paradigm Monitor 7 Loudspeakers

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Several years ago I owned a set of Bose home theater speakers, and I thought they were pretty decent at the time. I was still pretty new to home audio back then, and I admit that I was taken in by Bose's excellent marketing. I really didn't have an idea of how a "good" set of speakers should sound, though, until I paid a visit to the local high-end home audio dealer in my area.

They had a setup that allowed you to flip a switch and directly compare a set of Bose speakers similar to mine, versus a comparably priced setup from a company named "Paradigm". At the time I hadn't heard of Paradigm before, so I was a little skeptical, but after flipping the switch back and forth a couple of times, I wanted to learn more. The difference was impressive to say the least.

I found out that Paradigm was a Canadian company that only sold their speakers in the USA through a very specific dealer network, which is why I had never seen them before. The store I was visiting was a new dealer, so their sales people were pretty excited to spread the word.

I spent several visits auditioning different models until I settled on the "Monitor 7" speakers. I custom ordered a set that was magnetically shielded because I planned on placing them near my TV as the main front speakers in my home theater. From the day I received them until even now, they have always performed very well.

The sound that they produce is excellent, and is just as well suited to classical music as it is to a movie soundtrack.

The cabinets are nice but a little bit plain looking, and with the cloth grills off, the styling on my version looks a little bit "retro", but those are very minor complaints that have nothing to do with their sound quality.

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