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Paradigm Titan V2

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I first discovered the Titan line through my father, an avid stereophile who had found rave reviews of these speakers in some of his audio mag subscriptions. I am a freelance record producer and sound designer and was searching for a new nearfield monitor that wasn't going to squeeze the bank account too much. Enter the Titan. You can research until your eyes fall out, but until you hear these Titans sing, you have no idea of the quality of sound you're getting for the buck.

When I first took them out of their box, right away I noticed the front cloth is fixed. I'm not particularily a fan of this but considering the price once again...I continued just to set them out flat on the desk I work from, tight to myself and my monitor to get an idea of the stereo imaging-to tighten the sweet spot so-to-speak. Immediately, I connect up an amp and just get some signal moving because I can hardly wait to hear these bad-boys. Right away I notice the clarity...unbelievable clarity...something I usually only hear in the studio control room (because my little mix suite still has it's acoustic flaws). However, I had a lot of trouble controlling the low end of the spectrum, the bass was transferring way too much into my desk, these are not bookshelf speakers. That being said, Paradigm offers stands for these Titans that are actually pretty reasonable depending on where you find them, however, my fix (which seems to work very well) are 3 brass speaker cones that I attached to the bottom of each enclosure with that blue goo you can find at any high-end audio shop. With the bass now being controlled, I found the speaker to be everything I hoped it would and started to listen to a lot of music I knew to be well produced just to hear these speakers interpret it...and wow...that's all I can say.

Despite all of this however, I do have one complaint. My right speaker after a month or so started to distort, although it was more of a buzz, indicating more of a construction issue rather than a power one. Although, it disappeared for almost a year and only recently returned prompting me to look into have them re-examined for flaws (which I'm still in the process of doing). Overall, this is a small sacrifice considering the sound you get out of these Titans would usually have another '0' added to to MSRP for any other speaker.