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Paragard Copper Iud

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By hananf81 on
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First of all this is my first review of a product . Hope it goes well . I'm married and have three children I tryed alot of contraception methods. Birth control pills never worked for me all the horomones in them . I was just using the method of pulling out and condoms before I got pregnant with my third . And of course my second child and third child were accidents but Im glad it happened this way because I wanted more than two kids. But after the third I really wanted a method that's very effective and of course no horomones. I heard so many rumors about the copper iud that you're always on your period and that you spot alot on it and another thing that really scared me that they said it hurts when the doctor inserts it . But I thought about it this way if it dont work for me I can always go back and take it out and every body is different and reacts to the iud differently. So I decided to go for it . Im not going to lie to you when the doctor was about to insert it I was terrified so Im waiting to feel any pain there was no pain at all the only thing I felt was pressure when she was measuring my uterus but when she was done I couldn't believe it was over It was very easy. I felt a little cramping when I came home . The thing with the pain during the insertion I didn't feel it because I had it inserted 2 months after I had a baby and that helps because the uterus is still stretched out . After all my experience with the copper iud is great my period is a little bit heavier than normal and its two days longer than it usually was. In conclusion its all worth it and I love it.