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Paranormal Activity

Reviewing: Blumhouse Productions Paranormal Activity (2007)  |  Rating:
By Sara Gingerich on
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I will have to admit, the first time I started to watch the movie I got about 15 mins in and almost fell asleep and decided to turn it off and it went back to blockbuster, luckily though about a week ago my boyfriends cousin asked if we had seen it and let us borrow it from her after insisting we see the whole thing before we knocked the movie and am I am very glad she did. It starts off VERY slow, but if you can get past the boring parts, once everything starts happening it ends up been a pretty good n' scary movie. There are a few of the nights that are kinda creepy while some make you almost jump out of your seat. Since I watched the movie ive watched a few other movies in the "paranormal" category and havent found anything that I would say is as scary, though Paranormal Entity is pretty close but it follows along the same story line. You could definitely tell it was a low-budget film, there aren't many special effects really if any (the only one I noticed is with the Ouija board and I still couldn't even tell what it did.), but that also helped it seem more realistic other than the parts where I would have dropped the camera and gone running from the house. I won't give away any spoilers (if you want some though you can read them at IMDB.com) but I definitely did not think it would end how it did. I know that after my boyfriend and I finished watching it I didn't want to walk through the dark house all by myself to get up to go to the bathroom. Overall though I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good scare.

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