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Paranormal Activity A Break From Horror Monotony

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At a trend when "horror" means blood, gore and violence, Paranormal Activity is a taste of fresh blood. I am a fan of horror movies but with all the "horror" movies being released or the horror sequels/fifthquels/remakes out there every year, I am starting to lose interest in the genre. I only see horror movies as tragic comedies. I would rather watch my friends getting spooked by it rather than watch the movie itself. I just sometimes find the effects and the film overall trying hard to make me scared that it just flops.

This had great reviews from friends and cousins saying that they really were scared and could not sleep and stop thinking about it. Of course my interest was piqued since I am looking for great horror movies that will actually scare me. I gotta say that it is a bit overhyped. People who dont scare easily (like me) wouldnt be scared by this movie at all. Yes, I am saying that it didnt scare me but I still say that it's a good movie. It's great in building up the tension as the movie progresses then giving the viewers a definite answer in the end.This movie had 3 endings. The original, theatrical and an alternative ending. Only one alternative ending is included in the DVD. The other one was only viewed at a few screening.

I think that it scares most people because it is set in a very familiar setting. It also shows possible events occuring when we dont have any consciousness. The entity is unknown which adds to the mystery. The scenes depicted in this movie may very well be real happenings to real people. You really just never know, and how could you when you were sleeping?

I have to be honest and say that there were parts which made me shoutout a bit. I was scared for the character rather than for myself though, and there were moments that would surprise me. The last few minutes of the film were probably the best parts but I advise not to skip scenes cause there lies the tension. The movie does seem to drag a bit at the start, but hold on to it cause it will get better and surprise you.