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Paranormal Activity Dvd

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Being a fan of horror films, I had to see what all the hype was about. Like The Blair Witch Project, that's all this film was: hype. In my humble opinion, this movie was made solely for the purpose of making a profit off its target audience. The run time is 86 minutes, and the movie is far more irritating than entertaining. The writer (through his characters) kept throwing random theories out there, but he never went anywhere with any of them. It's as if he couldn't really decide where he wanted to go with it, so he never really went anywhere. The plot is vague and sketchy. SPOILER ALERT: The only thing the writer really gives the audience is a lame excuse for why this couple has not left the house - the "paranormal activity" that they are experiencing is somehow tied to the girl, and if she leaves it will continue to plague her. The video quality was good, but the sound quality sometimes sounded as if they were actually using a camcorder (not sure, maybe they were). The only extra features were an alternate ending and a trailer for another movie.