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Parent's Choice Baby Diapers

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ms-jodee By ms-jodee on
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Ok, This is one experience with store brand products that I have had bad time. My daughter is very active. Always running about and causing a rucus. That being said, she needs a diaper that can deal with all of the bending, twisting and general movement of a toddler. Parent's Choice diapers were a dismal failure in that area. Never in my life had I seen a diaper come loose so easily. The velcro grip tabs didn't hold, the diaper itself leaked with even the slightest amount of fluid... Just bad all around. I think the diapers could have dealt with some kind of stretch in the sides.

Any moms looking at this, here is a word to the wise: If your child is completely stationary (a newborn), then go ahead and give these diapers a try. Otherwise, don't even bother. If you still want to try these diapers with an older child, make sure you have a carpet scrubber...