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Parent's Choice Diapers Are Great

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By peter novak on
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This is a generic brand diapers. I believe it's actually a large generic brand. I think it's only found at Wal-Mart stores. They are a great buy. They cost like half the price of what we were paying for name brand diapers before. And they actually work really well. I was kind of weary to try them out. But, we don't have leaking problems and they actually fit the girl's great. This is the actual diaper itself. It has cute little characters, little bears and sunshine on the top there. The leg area is nice and stretchy, it's got a stretchy leg area. It has the repositionables, the Velcro tabs just like the name brands do, that comes around and attaches there on the area. The only problem I've with the diaper is the pad area is not stretchy at all. There is no stretch there. The waistband and the legs is stretchy but the pad area is not stretchy at all. So, when you're getting a fit on this, on your baby, it's kind of hard to stretch that around. Cause the more expensive diapers, you know, you can just kind of stretch it around and fit it on them really well, whereas this kind you just have to pull it. It takes some getting used to, but in my opinion, it's definitely worth the 50% cost savings of using these. So, like, this packet of diapers is like just over $10 for 68 size four diapers, and you'd pay double that for the name brand diapers. So, I really enjoy these diapers.