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Pass The Pigs Game

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cybeeb By cybeeb on
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Pass the pigs is one of the easiest games to learn and play ever. You get two rubber pigs, a score pad and instructions. Basically you roll the pigs like dice and the way they land determines your score. If you get a pig on its back or standing up you get more points than if the pig is just laying down. Both pigs have a dot on one of their sides. If the pigs land with both showing a dot or both not showing a dot then its worth one point and you can keep going. If they land opposite (one with a dot and one without) you lose all the points you earned that turn and your turn is over.

The lure of the game is that as long as you can score points you can keep going. But if you "pig out", your pigs landing in a non scoring position, you lose all your points. But if you can get a good score and wisely end your turn, you get to keep all the points you earned that turn. The player that gets to 100 points first wins.

This game has no limit as to how many players can play and younger kids will love it as it is easy to learn. Adults will like it as they can push the limits and try for the big score.

This game is a good filler game and is good for a quick game.