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Passion Island Mexico Via Twister Jet Boat

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On our recent Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise to Mexico, I booked my children and I on Carnival's Isla Pasion by Twister! tour. I chose the tour for 2 reasons. The first was the speed boat ride which is something I have always wanted to do but never have. The second was because Carnival Cruise Lines unlike other cruise lines like Disney Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines does not have their own private island for guests of the ship to enjoy which is always one of our favorite parts of our trips.

The tour met at the end of the dock where our ship was anchored. When everyone was there, we walked back to the edge of the pier where there were 4 Twister speed boats waiting for us. As we boarded, we were fitted with life vests and any gear we had brought along was taken and stored in a compartment in the front of the boat since the entire boat gets wet. When you sit down in your seat, your are fastened in with a safety harness that comes over your shoulders and fastens between your legs to keep you safely in the boat.

The ride to the island took about 30 minutes and was awesome. The Twister boats reach speeds of I believe 40 MPH. They skim over the waves and get air often. When they got to the bay area in front of the island where the water is calmer, the fun really began. This is where you find out why they call the boats Twister because the driver spins and turns the boat and does 360's. The more you cheer and encourage them, the more they will do. Here's a warning, you will get wet in fact, I think they keep going until they make sure everyone is totally soaked just for fun.

After the twisting and spinning, the boat pulls to the shore of Passion Island which is a private island on the Northern tip of Cozumel . You have about 4 hours of free time here to relax and enjoy. I don't know if this is true of every trip but for the time we were there it was only the 4 Twister boats full of guests for a total of 59 people.

The island has lounge chairs by the water, chaises under the trees, hammocks, tables and chairs and even those cool wooden beds with the curtains all around for you to enjoy. Needless to say, with only 59 of us there was no fighting over places to spread out and relax.

Amenities included in the tour are a water trampoline, kids playground area, volleyball, kayaks, paddle boats and beach floats. My son tried out the water trampoline and all 3 of us tried our hand at paddling a kayak.

For additional fees you can enjoy a massage on the beach and they had Segway rentals too.

A buffet lunch is included as well as an open bar. The lunch had an array of things to make salad with, Mexican rice, a fresh fish, BBQ chicken, tortilla chips, pico de gayo, bread, fruit and cookies. The free drinks included beer, soda, and a few types of mixed cocktails. There was a regular bar if you craved something a little stronger as well. The food was not the best but it was also not bad either.

The island is safe and clean. There is a little shopping area and they have a team of photographers roaming the beach taking pictures that they offer you for sale at the end of the day. There are showers around and the bathrooms are very well kept with an attendant outside.

When it's time to go they walk around the island and call you to meet in the buffet area to make sure everyone is accounted for. They then escort you back to the dock area where the Twister boats are waiting to take you back to the pier area. Of course it's not a straight trip back to the ship. They first take you back to the bay area and twist you with a few more 360's. Be careful here if you get a seat behind someone who has spent a bit too much time at the bar, it could get ugly.

My kids and I really enjoyed this tour and I would do it again. It's a little expensive but since Carnival does not have it's own island to go to and relax for the day, this is a great, safe alternative and you can't beat the ride there.