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Password Journal Keeps Everyone Out!

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houseishot By houseishot on
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My two daughters really wanted diaries or journals that they could keep private and away from each other. They saw this Radica Password Journal and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I kind of had doubts if it would really work as it was advertised, as I do with most electronic toys, but thought we could give it a try and suggested that Grandma to buy it for their birthdays. To begin with, there was only one color/style of the journal, so they both look identical. This makes it rather confusing when the girls try to open their journals since they get them mixed up and then they don't know if they are attempting to open the correct one. It was fairly simple to set the password, but you have to say it in the exact same tone of voice as you did when you recorded it, and my six year old has an especially hard time with this. I'd have to say it takes them an average of five or six tries before they usually can get the journal open.

Inside the journal is just a small tablet of paper and there is an "invisible ink" pen which didn't have much ink in it, and my daughter was quite devastated when it ran out of ink the second day she had it. There's really not much special about the inside of the journal. It does have a secret compartment they can store tiny items in, which is kind of neat.

I'd have to say I was neither impressed nor disappointed with this toy. It was something my daughters wanted, it was not terribly high priced, and it works well enough that they are satisfied, so I give it a decent rating.