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Patio Paver Bricks Are Functional And Attractive

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The backyard next to the deck steps was lower than the surrounding area creating rainwater drainage issues. Whenever it rained the water collected leaving soft mud. The dogs would then track muddy paw prints all over the back deck, leaving a mess that had to be cleaned.

Rather than just fill in the low area and plant grass seed, I decided to install a do-it-yourself paver patio. After visiting various hardware stores, I chose Pavestone Holland 8" x 4" x 1.75" brick pavers from Home Depot hardware. Home Depot offered Pavestone Holland brick pavers in red and brown. I liked the idea of using both colors to create a pattern, so I obtained a brochure with grid pages and sketched ideas. Once I developed a pattern that I liked it was time to go to work.

I prepared the foundation so that the paver base, leveling sand and paver bricks were at the appropriate height. I wanted the finished patio height to be so that the gate in the backyard fence would swing just above the paver brick. This height would also fill in the low area and provide for rainwater drainage.

Each Pavestone Holland brick is precisely the same size and weight. The brick is created from molded concrete. I searched through the bricks before purchasing so that I would have a consistent color. The red color was fairly consistent. The tan color could vary in shades. I also wanted to make sure that I did not purchase any bricks with chips or cracks. Home Depot provide an adequate supply, so I was able to purchase enough bricks of the same shade for my project.

Pavestone Holland paver brick has molded ribs in the sides which create a consistent gap between bricks when installed. When the patio was finished I swept sand into the joints to lock the bricks together. It has been several years since I installed the patio brick and the has been no shifting between the bricks.

While I am not a professional landscape contractor, I was pleased with the finished patio. I took my time with the installation so that I could create an outdoor patio that was functional and attractive. The finished patio allows for rainwater drainage while greatly reducing the muddy paw prints that appear on the back deck after a storm.

Pavestone Holland individual paver bricks are harder to install than a larger paver, such as an 18" x 18" paver with a brick pattern molded into the face. However, individual paver bricks provide the flexibility to be creative with patterns and are not heavy to lift.