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Patriot Signature Line Sdhc Class 6 Card Fast.

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By miko on
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SD cards are taking over a large share of the flash memory sector of electronics. They can be used for mp3 players, cameras, PDAs, and even as a USB drive with an adapter. However, they're limited to a maximum size of 2gb, a product of their file formatting, and larger sizes need a different spec. This is where SDHC (HC meaning high capacity) comes in, allowing sizes of 4gb and larger for portable devices. The Patriot Signature Line of SDHC cards is one such category.

The one I'm reviewing today is a Class 6 card, which is the fastest of the three classes (Class 2 being slowest and Class 4 in the middle). The price premium on this card was about $5 more than a Class 4 one, so I figured why not. At $45 dollars, its not exactly cheap compared with the various SD offerings on the market, but it is SDHC and it is blazing fast. Using it with my Canon SD800IS camera, snapshots were a little faster in between delays, which was nice. The burst shot mode was definitely faster writing to the card, compared with my old Kingmax 2gb SD. The biggest difference was when video is being taken, as much more data needs to be written, and the Patriot card left minimal 'busy' time on the screen before the next clip could be taken.

The card comes with a standard plastic SD carrying case, but its unspectacular blue shell doesn't need to be flashy. It has a manual write lock on the side, which I think isn't very useful (unless you want to keep people without fingernails from accessing your files or something). This card is just fast. With cameras exceeding 8MP these days, writing large files on the fly needs an appropriately fast card, especially for dSLR users who want to capture the moment. Even for average joe who doesn't want to miss a beat, its still relatively well priced to get great performance. Although, just as a disclaimer, you need a device that supports SDHC, not just SD, but it is backwards compatible, and these cards are usually reserved for newer and more high-end devices as of now. If you do have such a device, the Patriot Signature Line would be a great choice, without paying for a brand name.