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Paul Mitchell Generic Is Just As Good

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Many years ago I went to a salon for a haircut. When the stylist was done, the sales pitch began. I was lead over to the display of products the salon had for sale and shown all the items I would need to purchase to keep my new style looking good. I gave in and purchased a bottle of Paul Mitchell The Conditioner. This is a leave in conditioner that you apply to your hair after it has been towel dried. I tried it a few times and hated it. It left my hair limp and greasy feeling so it joined all the other failed products I had under the bathroom sink.

A while later I was reading a magazine and came across an article that caught my eye. It was about common beauty products that could be used for things other than what they were originally made for. One of these products was The Conditioner. According to the article, it made a great shaving lotion. Since I already had a bottle and nothing to loose, I gave it a try. It worked so well that I still use it to this day but with a less expensive twist. I was in a Sally Beauty Supply one day picking up a bottle when the sales girl asked me if I had ever tried Generic Value Products. It is a line of products formulated exactly like the name brands but at half the price. It even says on the bottle compare to Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.

The Generic Value Products Conditioner comes in a 16 oz. bottle for $5.99. It takes a very small amount to lubricate the area you want to shave so even with daily use the bottle lasts about a month. It is a thick blue liquid that you apply to the area you want to shave like a lotion. It does not foam or bubble up so you can see where you are shaving at all times. It has a very light fragrance and it washes away cleanly and easily. The razor glides over your skin with no pulling and it leaves your skin really soft and smooth. I have also never cut myself while using it.

It may not have worked for me as a hair conditioner but I can not do with out it as a shave lotion. Anyone I have ever had tried it, loves it including my husband who uses it too.