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Paula Deen Fry Pans Smart And Pretty

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Rubberized Handle with a Copper Loop for Hanging

I had been using my non-stick fry pans for years and years. Recently I began to notice, though, that things were sticking and they were becoming more difficult to clean after using. While shopping is not my favorite activity, I resigned myself to a shopping trip for new cookware, and I decided to share my shopping experience with you, so that perhaps when you shop, you won't need to go through the entire process.

In the cookware department of our local J.C. Penney’s department store, there were a lot of pans to choose from, making my task somewhat daunting. I lifted, turned, read about, and caressed many of those fry pans, trying to imagine working with them in my own kitchen.

The problem I was having was that I wanted excellent quality – something that would last a long time. It turned out, though, that the best quality pans were very heavy. In my younger days that would not have been a problem – I hefted cast iron skillets with the best of them – but these days, my wrists just aren’t what they used to be. So while shopping that day, I realized that a pan that lasts forever wasn’t really my first priority.

I kept going back to these pretty pans that attracted me. I had, at first, thought they were pretty, but not necessarily serviceable. Having changed my criteria midstream, though, warranted another look at these fairly lightweight fry pans.

The pans are from the Paula Deen line. It seemed to me that a famous home cook like Paula Deen certainly wouldn’t manufacture inferior cookware lest her reputation be tarnished. Her pans were nice and light, with comfortable, rubberized handles, and had a speckled porcelain outer layer in a variety of pretty colors to choose from. I made my choice, and took home a set of two fry pans – a 9 inch and an 11 inch.

Before I opened the package, I looked online to check for reviews on Paula Deen Cookware. I was pleased to see that her cookware received high marks from online reviewers.

Now I join those ranks and give my own high marks! I am very pleased with my purchase. Not only are my pans nice and lightweight, but the nonstick is amazing (at least for now). After scrambling eggs, cleanup is a breeze. The bonus is that they are also pretty! I may have to work a bit to keep the porcelain looking nice, but, so far, even that has been very easy to clean.

My new pans are of an aluminum construction which I find heats quickly and evenly. The handle is dual riveted and covered with a handle that is rubberized for a cool and comfortable grip. Also, the speckled porcelain enamel that covers the outside of the pans is pretty to look at (available in an assortment of colors) and easy to clean. The pans are oven save up to 350 degrees. (It is important to note that non-stick cookware should never be allowed to get hotter than 450 degrees farenheit because of harmful chemicals that can be emmitted at those temperatures) Washing these pans in the dishwasher is not recommended, but hand washing is a breeze, so no worries there!

I’m feeling good about my new cookware and hope I won’t need to shop for any again, for a good while.