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Payday Winning Moves Games Review

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By mom2one on
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This is my review on the board game, Payday. It is a great family fun board game. We as a family will sit down and play this game for hours. We love it.

You might remember this game as a child. It is based on a month and you roll the dice. There is something happening on every day of the month, you might even money one day and the next day have to spend money, whether it is the fix the car or celebrate a birthday.

At the end of the month you will get your salary and have to pay any bills you recieved during the month. It's great for kids as they can help count the money and learn how to add the bills together.

This game has helped my son with math and counting money. I like how it teaches kids about paying bills and how to save money for those emergencies that pop up. My son will sometimes hold back on the lottery in the game because he is low on his money. I also like how you can play for as many months as you like. If you don't have a lot of time you can make it just a couple of months or maybe play for a whole year.

Usually if we have the time we will play for the whole year and it is fun watching my son manage his money.

I had this game as a child and I really wanted to get it for my child, since I loved it so much. I will say the only problem that I had was it was not easy to find in stores. I ended up buying it on-line.

I would say this is a great family great especially if you have kids 7 and up. We always have fun and laugh when we play this game together.