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Pc Game: Crystals Of Altaxia 2

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Jennifer Claerr By Jennifer Claerr on
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I'm an avid PC gamer and a science fiction fan. I'm always on the lookout for something new, so I downloaded the evaluation version of Crystals of Altaxia 2.

Crystals of Altaxia 2 promotes itself as a 3D adventure game, yet it's really a 2D game with 3D enhancements. When you begin the game the program generates a random galaxy for you to explore. Your task is to collect 1000 Altaxian crystals. When you get started, it looks like this will be an impossible task.

The game is difficult to navigate. Safe territory is marked in blue, and alien territory is marked in red in the game's 2-dimensional interface. Although there are several hyperspace portals, they won't get you everywhere you need to go. To get to all the crystals, you must go through enemy territory. Once in these red zones, you are placed in a space-invaders type of game in which you must shoot rows of alien space craft in order to get to the next square.

In the entire time I played the game, I collected only 65 crystals. And I played for well over an hour. I can't imagine how long I'd have to play to get all thousand crystals. You can collect money in various squares, which you can spend to get clues as to where to get more crystals. However, I didn't get much of a chance to use this feature.

The game might be fun for somebody who is looking for a long playing game. Personally, I prefer games which allow one to explore a scene in three dimensions.