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Pc Game Review: Spore

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By mellaview on
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Maxis takes us out of this world, and into space with their most recent PC game release Spore.

I had been dreaming about playing this game for nearly 2 years before it finally...finally hit the freakin shelves! Just when the game was released, my old Gateway went up in smoke. Literately. It fried, motherboard and all.

I finally got myself a new PC, and SPORE was the first game I went for.

The game is basically broken up into different levels, and different worlds. You start off as a simple on celled organism, and as your creature evolves it becomes a more robust and complex creature. Eventually your little organism evolves so much it is smart enough to travel to space to try and rule the galaxy.

The game throws many different types of game play at you, some fun, and some are a little confusing.

All in all though I had a ton of fun creating my creature, upgrading him, and using him as my tool in world...or I should say... Space domination.

As a fan of Maxis in general I expected a game nothing short of genius, and even though the game feels repetitive at times, it is a lot of fun.

The one major downfall though is that the game lacks re-play value. As soon as you completed the game, I don't imagine anyone would want to go back for more.

It is a lot of fun regardless though, and I do think it is worth a buy.