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Peace Has Returned With The Pet Agree!

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By witchirsh on
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We have a wonderful dog. Well, wonderful except for the fact that she barks WAY too much. Even worse - it's not nuisance barking, but "protective" barking that just has no limits. I'm sure it's made worse by the fact that she's terrified of everything in the world and has been since she was a puppy. I KNOW it's made worse by the fact that we have 3 dogs next to us and they bark at anything and everything, so she doesn't realize there should be a limit.

We have tried citronella collars. She will continue to bark while rubbing her face in the dirt to try and remove the smell. We have tried training - it flies right out the window when she sees something (or, sometimes, nothing) to bark at. We have tried shock collars. She learns the cues and her limit and then goes right back when they are taken off. The neighbors don't mind the barking - but I do. It's a bad habit, it wakes the baby, and it's just generally annoying.

We started looking at ultrasonic devices as a way to help with the training and reinforce what we're trying to teach. We don't want barking to end completely, but she needs to learn the appropriate times and when to quit. However, many of the devices are extremely expensive and have spotty feedback. Trying one more time to find something that didn't cost an arm and a leg, I went to the Petsmart website.

I found the Pet Agree ultrasonic device. It's a fairly small, blue handheld device. You push an indentation and it emits the ultrasonic noise. It has a belt clip so that it can be carried without taking up a hand all the time. It's inexpensive (particularly considering other options and all the options we have tried so far). And it works!

The first time I used it, the dog stopped her barking immediately. I saw her ears move and she looked around. She tested it and barked again (there was nothing but another dog barking). When I pushed the button, she stopped again and didn't bark until the neighbor knocked on the door. She didn't bark as much as she usually does and she stopped immediately after I pushed the button (I let her bark a little bit to do her job, told her good girl and enough. When she didn't stop, I pushed the button and said enough again.). We have had few problems since. One push of the button is usually enough to remind her what she should be doing.

Overall, I highly recommend the device. Depending on your dog and how you use it, it may take a little while to work completely, but it should eventually do the trick. Our house is much more peaceful now that the dog is not barking at random things!