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Peanut Butter Rawhide Is No Match For My Dog

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Finding treats for my dog that she won't devour in 2 minutes is a real challenge. She has heavy duty toys, but I like to give her a fun, tasty treat now and then. While shopping in Petco, I was looking at the rawhide bones and chews. She already has a couple of those and she gets bored with them, so I wanted something different, yet something that might last for a few days.

I studied the various items and noticed this circular rawhide treat that contained peanut butter. Aha! This had potential as she loves peanut butter and I thought the rawhide would last for a couple of days. There were 2 in the package, so I imagined her staying occupied for several days.

Riley was quite excited when she received this new treat and she went right to work on it, licking and chewing and having a great time. While she was occupied, I left the room for a brief time. My husband was still in the room with her and when I returned, I noticed she was playing with one of her toys. I looked for the rawhide donut and didn't see it. That's not unusual as she often pushes things under the couch or chairs, so I didn't think much of it. I mentioned to my husband that she must not have been as enthused as I had thought or she would still be working on it. He then told me that she not only kept busy with it while I was out of the room, she had completely devoured it! It was entirely gone in less than 30 minutes. We were both stunned. We knew she was a heavy chewer, but we didn't expect this!

We waited a couple of days before we gave her the second donut. This time, I watched as she devoured it even faster than the first one. One one hand, I was happy to have found something she loved, but this was an expensive treat.

We learned a lesson with this purchase and that is to know your pet and be sure you're buying the right item for their size or chewing tendencies. These donuts were obviously very good, but they weren't meant for a dog the size of ours, especially one that chews as much as she does.