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Ped Egg Is A Miracle For Dry Feet!

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Within the first few minutes of watchng the PedEgg commercial on TV, I thought to myself that this was just a plastic version of a pumice stone! But after watching the whole thing, I admit I was intrigued - so I went out and purchased one. To my surprise, the PedEgg lived up to not one, but all of it's promises. Unlike all other dry foot skin removal gizmos and techniques, PedEgg SAFELY removes ALL of the dry skin......and when I say ALL, I mean it! After my first use, my feet were incredibly smooth and felt like baby-soft skin afterwards........and the "proof" is the dry skin flakes that can be seen after every use.

The PedEgg's functional design allows the dry skin to be collected while in use and then easily dumped out when you are finished. And just like they demonstrate in the TV commercial, there is quite a bit of dry skin collected after just one use .On that note, I would like to warn everyone about the first of only 2 tiny problems with that I noticed: 1) if you tilt the PedEgg more than 45 degrees (while it contains dry skin), some of the dry skin will sprinkle out - so do not try to watch the bottom of your foot while using it (especially if you haven't dumped the collected skin)

I've had my PedEgg for a little over a year now, and though I use it regularly, I haven't had to replace the blade yet. Regarding safety, the blade is harmless ....and as shown on TV, the blade won't even pop a balloon. The blade's design is similar in appearance and function to that of a cheese grater (LOL), however, it won't cut your skin. I highly recommend you don't use it on wet skin, though, as it caused slight irritation and redness (but no cuts/scrapes).

Overall, I think this is one of the best products I've purchased in a while. It's simple yet functional design has decreased my pedicure time! I also find that with regular use, my feet have actually become less dry, with less skin to remove each time!! I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves their feet.....and it's a must have for those who love to show them off!!! >_