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Pediacare Gentle Vapors Plug In Unit

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By sconf on
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The last time that my toddler was extremely congested and unable to sleep well, I headed off to the store with the hopes of finding something that would provide him with some relief. Most medications were not recommended for children under age 2, so I was searching for some other alternative. I came across the PediaCare Gentle Vapors Plug-in Unit & Nightlight and decided to give it a try. It comes in a package that contains 5 refills. It was very simple to use, just tear open the foil package that contains the vapor pad and insert into the unit. You do have to be careful not to get it on your skin (if you do, just be sure to wash your hands immediately after.) Also, occasionally we find it a little difficult to slide the refill cartridge in. It's a tight fit, but not too much of a problem. Then you just plug it in to an electrical outlet. You can begin to smell the vapors right away, but it will take close to an hour for the scent to fill the room. It is a pleasant smell of menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, lavender and chamomile, and it is not overly strong. We did find that the scent doesn't seem to last the entire 8 hours that it claims. While I can't say that it "cured" my son's congestion, it definitely seemed to help ease his stuffiness and he slept much better. This was much more convenient than dragging out our big vaporizer that you have to fill with water, and it seemed just as effective. The vapor plug-in also makes no sound and has the added benefit of being a nightlight (with a bluish light) that can be used even when the vaporizer is not needed.