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Pedigree Dog Food

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By dandan on
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Well I have a labrador dog and it is not even 2 years old, her name is lucy and she is big for her age but they do get big dogs.Well I knew that pedigree dog food is one of the best and it is, so I gave her the can food since she is still a puppy and I like to get that kind anyway. I started to feed her that and I got her to sit before I even tell her to when I have her food with me, and when I give her the food she eats it like crazy, but when she gets alittle older I will get her the dry dog food. the cans are kind of expensive but like I sometimes say "to get the best, you have to pay the best price".

I opened the can and when I finaly pour her dog food in the bowl I just have a tiny bit she already has it eaten so I give her alittle more.She eats like a cow but she is not big as one.