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Peeling And Smudging

Reviewing: Avery Easy Peel Clear Mailing Labels Model Number 15660  |  Rating:
By chocollette on
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In this world of inflated prices on items, instead of going through a mail order company to buy customized address labels, I decided to save a few pennies by purchasing address labels at Office Max.

I decided to take a little trip on the wild side and purchase (shhhh!) CLEAR mailing labels instead of plain white labels and decided that the wild side is not where I want to be! One of the reasons why I purchased this particular style of labels is because the package said the labels are "now easier to use!" with an "Avery Easy Peel feature". I have a package that has 300 labels divided in rows of three across/ten down and each row of ten down is now perforated so the label is easier to peel. I had absolutely no problem with that and hope that all companies will do that with their labels.

The price point is fantastic because if I had ordered 300 pre printed address labels, they would have cost well over $25.00.

Now to my unfortunate con which I found out the hard way. When I had purchased regular white labels awhile back, as soon as I printed them, the dry time was only a few minutes but with the clear labels, the dry time was half a DAY! I left the labels on top of the printer overnight and the next morning, my son grabbed the labels and a rainbow of colors was smudged on his hands! About half of the labels was ruined so I ended up printing another batch of labels and walked on the wild side again by attaching a picture of the beach on it. To my dismay, letters were smudged and you could not decipher that the picture was supposed to be the beach (which is where I wanted to be after ruining many labels).

The concept of the clear labels is wonderful and I am sure it works for a lot of people but for myself, it was more hassle than what it was worth so I will humbly go back to my plain white labels.

Update On Apr 23, 2008: I am happy to tell you that after changing both the black & color cartridges of ink, I printed off a page of labels and there was NO smudging!! I'm glad that it was something as simple as that & within 30 minutes, my labels were dry!!!