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Pendaflex Hanging Folders An Office Standard

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Oxford Pendaflex hanging folder

If you use a hanging filing system, the chances are that you have Oxford Pendaflex folders in your office. This brand is the most widely available, and seems to find the balance between quality and economy. I would like to compare it to two other folders, the Pendaflex Sure Hook, and Staples folders.

Oxford Pendaflex hanging folders are available in standard dull green, boxes of assorted colors (currently: blue, red, orange, green, yellow), or boxes of individual colors (yellow, pink, black, blue, aqua, burgundy, gray, navy, orange, red, teal, and purple). They come in three or five tab styles, letter or legal. Unless you order them, you probably will only find plain green, and the assorted box.

The wire bar for hanging the folders is firmly glued between the flaps of the top edge. It extends for the entire width of the folder. The cuts for the tabs have no “hanging chads, ” which can be really annoying when trying to fit the tabs in the slots. The tabs slide into the slots easily.

The bottoms have four scored rows, which allow you to bend the file to make it wider. This only works to a certain point, after which you are better off buying the extended-bottom folders.

To compare these to the Sure Hook Pendaflex folder, the card stock seems to be the same weight, but the SureHook folders have plastic reinforcement along the bottom fold, and on both top edges. The bar is also much heavier in the Sure Hook (and has a patented spring).

On the other hand, compared to the Staples folders, the Staples card stock feels a bit lighter, although both are labeled as 11 point stock. The metal in the Staples folder bars is definitely thinner, and there are only two score lines near the bottom.

This places the Pendaflex right in the middle of this array of choices. You can actually see the difference in the bars in the photo.

The price is also midrange. Sure Hook folders cost about 16 cents more, per item. The Staples folders are 28 cents less.

None of the ones I am comparing had an internal pocket for CD’s etc.

Personally, I would say that for files which are going to be handled often, these are a better choice than the cheaper folders. I’ve had the top bars bend occasionally, even on these, when they are handled roughly, or if they get caught on the rails of a drawer or box. On the other hand, unless your files are going to be treated especially roughly or pulled/ moved on a daily basis, the Sure Hook style seems unnecessary, given the added expense.