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Penguins Make Great Fish Filters!

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Filtration systems comes in different types and this system is the easiest to use and maintain. It can be used for any type of aquarium fresh, brackish or salt water. Having the intake pump be able to extend over 16" to be within inches of the substrate in the aquarium will help circulate more of the water thoroughly. It comes with two sections for filter media cartridges with a basket beyhind each for extra activated carbon if choose to be. The filter cartridges are made of double-thick polyfiber, ribbed backing and activated carbon. Just rinse under running sink water and put into the filter box.

What makes this filter better than others is because of the patented BIO-Wheel which acts as a paddle wheel allowing good bacteria to be churned (back) in to the aquarium. At first, it will not churn over because it will be dry but within time it will work as the water is soaked up. After three years, my original BIO-Wheels are still active and working. Their colors are dark, dingy and nasty looking but that is what they are suppose to look like. Unless they are broken there is no reason to throw them away.