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Penmans Natural Fit Jeans With Tummy Tamer

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I first purchased a pair of Penman's jeans to attend a wedding...that's right, I wore jeans to a wedding! However, this particular pair was white and I received a lot of compliments on them particularly since they were dressed up with a classy top and jacket.

When I purchased them I waited until the day of the wedding to actually try them on for the first time, a little foolish on my part but as I rarely if ever use a dressing room at a store, I've become quite adept at gauging whether or not something I purchase will actually fit me. I've been disappointed only a few times and I was definitely not disappointed with these Jeans.

The jeans offer a relaxed waistband for those of us who tend to need a little more comfort and it sits just slightly below the waist area making them quite comfortable to wear. They offer just the right amount of ease through the hip and thigh area to ensure that you are able to move and bend without fear of becoming too constricted. Very unlike many of the low-rise jeans I have.

The length was just about perfect for my 5' 5" height working well with a pair of mid-heel dress shoes and falling quite well with a pair of runners as well. They wouldn't work well with a flat shoe for my height or less unless you don't mind the bottoms becoming frayed or discolored, and I don't think they'd be long enough for a frame over 5'9" with longer legs even though there is approximately a 1/2" hem which could easily extend the length slightly.

The material is a quality denim, well sewn and finished and the zipper is a sturdy, easy to pull up zipper with double stitching to keep it securely fastened to the material itself. There were no bulges or misshapen seam once the zipper was fastened. The closing button is held on sturdily and unlike some brands doesn't have the flopping give that in my experience always seems to wear out before the jeans themselves do.

The material itself has a bit of stretch to it but not a lot which makes it wear nicely on the body. Plenty of pocket space front and back just as seen in most jeans and the style I chose has flaps on the back pockets, something that I find convenient as I tend to carry nothing more than my wallet with me when out. The back pockets are equipped with firmly seated steel snaps not velcro and lie flatly against the body offering a nicely finished touch.

Inside on the front of the tummy panel area is a finely weaved mesh that provides some support to those of us who need a bit of a tummy tuck without the exorbitant cost or discomfort of cosmetic surgery. The panel works quite well in providing a flatter tummy area without raising any bulges to the waist area or beyond. This is perfect for wearing T's or tops that are a bit more form fitting without having to worry.

I found the sizes flattering even though I am in the process of losing some weight, the size 10 jeans that I chose fit me perfectly and kept my shape flattering enough to feel that I'd actually made some progress.

They were extremely comfortable and although I don't normally dare wear white anything, these jeans came through the entire evening looking as good as when I first put them on. The first pair I purchased convinced me that I needed a 2nd pair and this time I chose a blue denim. Although the color selection of blue that was available wasn't totally appealing to me, once on, I found that I really liked the color as well as the style.

For a price of $21.98 at a local Wal-Mart, these jeans and the quality and fit they offer are excellent for the money. I can see myself purchasing more of these and hopefully I'll be fortunate enough to find a few styles in my favorite color -- black.

I'd recommend these particular jeans to anyone who is tired of finding only the low rise type and who wants to look great and feel comfortable.