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Pennington Signature Series Weed & Feed For Your Lawn

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On our trip to Lowe's to pick up our mulch at the beginning of this month, my husband picked up a bag of Pennington Signature Series Weed & Feed 28-0-4 for our lawn. This is not the usual product that we buy but it was on sale of course, regularly $13.98, but now only $9.98, so we couldn't pass it up. We had some dandelions coming up and it's always a race on our block to see which neighbor is the first to have the greenest, weed-free lawn.

This Pennington Signature Series Weed & Feed formula 28-0-4 is a weed control and lawn fertilizer. We purchased the 13 lb. bag which covers 5000 sq. ft., enough for the front lawn.

Fertilizers are primarily made up of three major elements and the formula we purchased was:

28 = 28% of the bag has nitrogen which makes for quick greening and will continue to do so for up to 2 months.

0 = 0% of the bag has phosphorus used for plant development.

4 = 4% of the bag has potassium which helps to build proteins and aids in photosynthesis.

The weatherman called for rain so as soon as we got home my husband poured the granular formula into our spreader and had the lawn done in record time walking back and forth in his quick even tempo. If there's no chance of rain it's recommended to water your lawn by the second day after putting down the weed and feed.

In addition to controlling our dandelions (they kicked the bucket overnight), this weed & feed kills more than 250 weeds, including white clover, plantain, chickweed and many other pesky weeds that can pop up in your lawn. Do remember that most weed and feed products on the market today contain pesticides which can be a possible carcinogen, a high reproductive toxin or linked to endocrine disruption. The chemical 2, 4-D in weed and feed has contributed to an increase in cancer in dogs. Don't let your children or pets play on just fertilized lawns for at least 48 hours after it's been watered.

We've picked up another bag of Pennington Signature Series Weed & Feed for the backyard since it did such a great job on the front lawn, that was good enough for us!