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Penny Press Logic Puzzles

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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I have been a fan of logic puzzles since I was a teenager a few decades ago. Logic puzzles are puzzles that involve a chart and clues. The puzzle gives you a story, for example, 7 couples each got married on a different day of the week and in 7 different locations and they will be honeymooning in 7 different cities. Then they give you clues to figure out which couple got married on each day, in what location and are vacationing in which city. It’s up to the solver to piece together the puzzle using a handy chart. Sometimes they do not give you a chart.

One of the producers of logic puzzles is Penny Press. Penny Press publishes a magazine full of these puzzles bimonthly. You can get this puzzle magazine in stores for $4.99 or you can get a subscription for a year which costs $29.94 . This magazine has 85 logic puzzles in it and a few other puzzles such as Sudoku. The puzzles seem to get harder as the magazine progresses. Usually puzzle magazines that feature logic puzzles put 1 to 5 stars by the puzzle to indicate difficulty. The more stars a puzzle has the harder the puzzle will be to solve. Penny Press just seems to put them in order with the easiest ones first and the harder puzzles towards the back of the magazine.

I love this magazine. These puzzles are fun and a great time filler especially while sitting in a doctor’s lobby or while at the beach or on vacation.