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Pentax K200 D

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So just few day ago i got brand new pentax entry level DSLR called K200D.


K200D body

USB cable

TV out cable

user manual

user manual in CD

CD with software

18-55mm second generation kit lens

neck strap

4 non-rechargable energizer batteries

by the way I got sigma DG 70-300mm for free! so i have two lenses.

The body.

It is weather sealed body (which can be hardly pound on any other camera at this price point), very robust, has a comfortable grip . It is not light camera . Certainly heavier than canons and nikon's same range cameras. Buttons are comfotable here is LCD on the top which is quite unusual for entry level DSLR. 10/10

The kit lens.

Second generation kit lens is doing ok . It is quite sharp and firmly made too. 8.5/10

Ease of use

There are plenty features and scene modes so pentax strategy is to make photography as easy as possible. And that works. I can't say it is easier to use than simple digital camera but probably only nikon D40/D60 are more informative and intuitive. 9/10

Picture quality

Well, for those who doesn't know DSLR world i tell that image quality depends on what lens you use. Kit lens is definetely better than canon includes with 400d/450d. Well sigma 70-300mm is not so good. it is good for taking bird pictures but it is noisy and picture quality is not very good at low aperture. so almost everything depends on lens. I must say that K200D general output is somewhat improved over K10D which produced default jpegs too softened. K200 shapness is ok and it can be changed.Raw files are even better and more detailed. ISO is ok, but here canon and nikon shows themselfesa bit better at 1600ISO .

Anyway I am very happy with K200D output . 9/10


AF speed is ok especially in daylight . It is fast but not very quiet though improved if compare to K100D. In low light it works well too though nikon and canon are a bit faster. 8.5/10

Battery life

Included energizer batteries can let you take about 1000 images without flash. But you must buy rechargable batteries at least 2500mAh -/10 (life depends on what batteries you use)

Additional info.

K200D uses SD cards which are very cheap . K200D bajonet supports even very old Pentax lenses plus you can buy M42 adapter and use soviet lenses for example taken from famous ZENIT . And believe me these lenses offers sharp results at ver very very low price.

So and so K200D does not have Live view and continuos shooting can be dissapointing (just 5 frames at 2.8 fps) but still it produces excellent images and has very robust body plus many customization. Highly recommended DSLR 9/10