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Pentech Sensor Pro .5mm Mechanical Pencil

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My mom bought me these mechanical pencils at the beginning of the school year in hopes that they would be good, solid ones that I could use the whole year. They certainly look like they would be a good quality product. But not a month after she got them, I was done with them.

I thought mechanical pencils were supposed to make things easier. No more sharpening, broken tips, worn down erasers. The SensorPro just has problems of its own. I've used plenty of .5 mm lead pencils before, but this one for some reason was really susceptible to breaking the tip. Often I would have to reposition the lead so hardly anything was sticking out in order to keep it from breaking.

The major lead-breaking problem, however, came from the button itself! I found it annoyingly ironic that the very thing that made the lead come out also broke it. Some sort of internal mechanism problem caused this. I think it might also have been due to the twister that made the eraser come out. Whatever it was, the only way the lead came out was in the small, broken sections.

Right now both pencils that came in the pack are just sitting on my shelf, useless. I'll probably just throw them out. The only thing I might use are the extra erasers and sticks of lead that came with the pencils. I really was surprised; I thought Pentech was a good pencil/pen brand. I guess this product was a neglect on their part.