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People In Help Of Acne, This Is A Miracle.

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This is a gel not a cream.It works on the acne you used to have or thats still there. This one takes care of preventing acne and clears those bad clogged pores:(( It reduces all this redness and when I put it on. I was like ok I hope this works. For like the 100th time! I woke up in the morning and saw immediate results. I saw all the tiny ones(zits) gone and the big ones they were getting smaller and the redness had gone away.

Btw, This is really mild medicine. Like I started from mild medicine first since my acne was all over the place-___-.


Mostly redness is caused by scratching but I dont scratch. DONT EVER SCRATCH! or think you can pop it and everything will be okay. Even with those scan thingys your skin will still have some acne mark so DONT.

Anyways back to the product. You have to get a prescription for this from you dermatologist like I did.

I also took evoclin foam in the morning and this one at night. This is worth the money no kidding. you'll see results in three days.

Epiduo contains: adapalene, and benozoyl perozide, gel 1.5%, 2.5%

I will talk about evoclin in my next review.

Hope this helps, and ask your doctor about it!!:) Dont ever give up in acne!!