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By quietgirll on
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I don't subscribe to many magazines- just don't have a lot of use for a lot of the magazines that are out there. I can look up recipes online, I'm never going to be a fashionista, and I can use the guide on my tv to find out what is on. But I do have a guilty pleasure, and that is People Magazine. I love to keep up on which celebrity is going out with who, and who is on their way into rehab. There are tons of magazines out there with that information in them, but People magazine is the one I actually find to be reliable. Maybe not all of it is always true, but it is a lot closer than most of the magazines out there!

People Magazine also mixes humanity pieces in with their celebrity gossip. I enjoy reading those "people" pieces just as much, because there really aren't very many places that I can come across those.

I have subscribed to People magazine for over a year now, and intend to keep my subscription current. Even if I didn't have a subscription, I would have to buy this magazine each week!