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Peppermint Plax

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I have always used the green variant of Colgate Plax until I discovered the blue variant or the Peppermind mouthwash. When I looked it up and read the label, I learned that it reduces plaque, promotes healthy gums, prevents cavities, and gives long lasting fresh breath. It also gives a 12-hour protection against bacteria and plaque build up in the mouth!

Cool! I gotta try this one and I did.

I like it! I just use Colgate Plax at night in order to prevent bacteria build up because I am not using my mouth. So my saliva becomes stale. With Colgate Plax, my mouth does not taste so bad nor does it smell so bad becaue the growth of bacteria is controlled.

And I believe, that together with other products like a good toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste, Plax completes a regular dental regimen that will keep a visit to the dentist at bay. Of course, I still want to visit my dentist regularly, but if we don't fine the time every 6 months, at least maintaining a healthy regiment will help keep our mouth, not only our teeth healthy.

Plax has helped me maintain my oral health and hygiene. I recommend this product to everyone.