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Perfect Dark Zero: Mildly Fun But Dated Fps

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By relicto on
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I loved GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark back in the day, so naturally I was looking forward to Rareware's next FPS. Well, the gameplay in Perfect Dark Zero feels too much like Rare's shooters from almost a decade ago and from a different console; for people who got used to Halo's controllers, the downgrade to the PD0 scheme will be a frustrating one. The single player mode still retains its predecessor's humor, excitement, and complete disregard for a coherent plot, and I'd still recommend it to old school Rare fans. The multiplayer is another story. I really like that it has simulants, so if your router breaks or your xbox live account expires, you can still have opponents to battle. That said, as far as straight-up shooting games go, the Halos are a much safer bet, and if you're into the duck-and-cover moves that the developers seemed to have thrown in at the last minute, you'll have a blast with Gears of War. In short, this is a case of there being better things to spend your money on, except if you and a friend want to be shooting semi-cool guns at a lot of computer opponents. If so, definitely rent this game.