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Perfect Finish? You Betcha!

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nekoneko By nekoneko on
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How many of you ladies have the same problem with hair remove creams that I do? I'm not allergic to the stuff, but every time I bust out the bottle of Nair I end up with horrible patches of hives all over my legs! Instead, I was relegated to the world of shaving, constantly dreading the next nick or cut. There was always the option of waxing, but I'm a complete wimp and couldn't finish the one time I tried.

Just over a year ago I saw a product and decided to give it a shot. It claimed to neutralize any hair removal chemicals on contact, leaving the user with nothing but smooth skin. Not only that, but it promised to leave a great scent! I grabbed the bottle of Epil-Stop Perfect Finish Neutralizing After Wash and put it to the test that very night.

The directions were clear and simple. After using a hair removing cream you slather the wash on. You know it's working with the chemical when it turns a pretty shade of hot pink (initally it's a weird shade of brown), and when it rinses away clear you've gotten all of the chemical off your skin. The result is clear, soft skin. On top of that, unlike other hair removal system products, Epil-Stop really does mean it when they say it smells great!

So, does it really work with ANY hair removal cream? Well, I know for sure it works for the Epil-Stop creams. In addition, I have successfully used it with Nair instead and I would imagine that other products mix well with this one, too.

For smooth, hairless legs (and underarms, too!), this is a must-have product.