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Perfect For Poolside Bamboo Lamp

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I had never even heard of St. Petersburg Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches until I purchased these, and I've never owned Bamboo torches so I can't really compare them to others, but I can't imagine that they make a better product than this for the price.

I moved into a new place and it has a nice size pool. Being young and excited, I wanted to make the area look as cute and modern as possible, and have a huge pool party. I was at Target in hopes of finding everything I needed for the pool area when I stumbled upon the St. Petersburg Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches. They are sold separately so I bought four at $35.99 a piece. They are also sold on various websites online.

When I got home, I put one at each corner of the pool and waited for it to get dark so I could turn them on. After it was dark enough, I turned them on and was absolutely amazed by the amount of light they put out. The amount of light was perfect!

The best thing about these torches is that they are battery powered and that the batteries are rechargeable. I usually have the lights on 3 or 4 nights a week and only have to charge the batteries once a week. I don't have to worry about a flame going out or the flame burning too high. Even though they are called Bamboo torches, they are actually made of plastic. That appealed to me more because they can withstand the weather. I didn't like the fact that I would have to take actual bamboo torches down and then put them back up. I love that I can just leave this up and turn them on when I need them, but they look like authentic bamboo torches from a distance.

Not only do they give off a perfect amount of light, they are easy to put together. All of the pieces snap right together and you don't need any tools.

Overall, I would definitely recommend St. Petersburg Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches because you can't beat the price. They are easy to put together, sturdy, easy to wipe down when they get dirty, and it makes your whole area look amazing. Whether it be for beside the pool or just extra light for an outside dinner, I think everyone should give these torches a try for their outside relax areas.