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Perfect Gardening Ants Buster!

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One of my hubby’s hobbies is gardening (though he likes it not as much as keeping fish lol). I remember one day he got angry by ants that ate his fruit plants. Some of my hubby’s plants are also root plants, and the ants also ate these plants. Maybe because the plants tasted sweet so they ate these plants. Once we went back to our hometown, and he found this product on a local gardening store. It’s called Kemut, Gardening Granular Ants Buster from Green World. We brought it back home and tried it. To use it is very simple. This product is in a form of granules, so we just put it a little of it to the areas that likely to have ants pass by, or areas that’s full of annoying ants. It won’t effect on the plants, so you shouldn’t be worried. This is how it works, it will only attracts the ants (maybe by its aroma and the aroma will only be smelled by the ants I think, because we couldn’t smell any aroma coming from it), the ants will take it to its nest, and in 3-4 days they will die after they consuming it. It contains mostly food additive and aroma, and the other ingredient is borax. However, we shouldn’t touch the granules because it will reduce the power of the aroma. So we usually pour the granules to the bottle lid, and put it on the areas as advised. Or else, you can simply use a teaspoon to let out from the bottle. My hubby is very satisfied with this product. The ants are now much lesser, almost none. Sometimes I use it on the kitchen too, when ants attack on our food. My hubby even orders it every now and then to my father, then my father would send it to us. I told my father about this product, and I think he once said that he was interested in this too. Perfect product!