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Perfect... Just A Perfect Cabaret Show!

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When my family and I went to Thailand several years ago, we happened to watch a cabaret show. Actually we went on a tour package, and this show wasn’t in our tour schedule. This show is only on Pattaya, so when we arrived at Pattaya (we had Pattaya in our tour schedule), my father offered the tour group to watch the show. Our tour leader then agreed on this and he began to hunt for the tickets (as my father knew that tickets reservation should be made weeks even months before). What made us want to watch the show so bad because this cabaret show is unique: you won’t see any real women as the performers. Instead, the performers are all lady-boys! :) There are two major theaters performing this kind of show (sorry I forget the names of the theaters) and we watched them all. My opinion about it: Excellent show! They danced beautifully and gracefully (even though they are lady-boys), with tremendous costumes, and above all, they looked absolutely stunningly beautiful! I won’t even recognize them as lady-boys if my father didn’t inform me. I heard that they will perform something from the audiences’ country if many of the audiences come from a certain country. So for example, if they have many Chinese audiences that night, they will perform something concerning China, like Chinese costumes and dances. This is a good thing because in this way they respect their audiences as well. After the show we could get some snaps with them just at the front of their theater. All and all, I want to go back here again some time with my hubby. He never travels to Pattaya before and I think that would make a great impression on him... Perfect, this is just a perfect cabaret show!