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Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Series Ab Straps

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Joseph Stone By Joseph Stone on
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Perfect Pullup Straps

If you've ever wanted a work-out that hurts and will give you the same look as the manicans at Dick's, this is your product. The Perfect pull-up Straps are great because you can hang them from any pull-up bar and use them anytime. They take about 30 seconds to get ready for use and you don't have to worry about height clearance. You will have a tendency to sway when you first start out, but it's normal. Most people don't like the fact they will be naturally swaying but it makes you use your core to steady out and keep a good solid form. Having good form is paramount while using this product. You need to make sure you stay stable and don't use momentum to help you through the movements.

I like to hang for a second and gain my stability, then start my routine. You can do whatever kind of work-out you like but here are a few of the best that work for me: Knee lifts, knee lifts (side to side), straight leg lifts, straight leg lifts with your legs going out at the top of the lift, and bicycle lifts. The fact that you are elevated and not lying on the floor is a great selling point. There are many people who simply cannot lie down on the ground and do crunches and other exercises that require you be on your back or on the ground. T

his is a great alternative and may even work better. This is a great product, especially considering the price. It's less than $10 and it doesn't clutter up an entire room like some other ab machines do, nor does it hurt your back. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get that 'beach bod' look.